Mission Statement

Fiber Growth Supplements, LLC offers products that are affordable yet high in quality while striving to satisfy the customers' needs. All our nutritional supplements are backed by scientific research.

The Company

Fiber Growth Supplements, LLC was founded by David Kadzielewski in 2015 to meet the needs of the changing economical climate brought upon by a new regulated industry. This company is a privately owned LLC. The manufacturing facility is located in Philadelphia which occupies 20,000 square feet. FGS is the fastest and one of the most cutting edge companies worldwide.

Our weight loss products, performance products, pre and post workouts drinks, ready to drink sports beverages, ready to mix protein powders, blood and adrenaline pumping vasculator products consistently pass FDA requirements because of in-house manufacturing. Using FDA regulated and GMP compliant guidelines, our products are safe to consume and have gone through independent laboratory testing. We only use cGLP (current Good Laboratory Practices) to confirm the potency and purity of our products. We have a Quality Control Board Program to make sure that chemical, physical and microbiological contaminants will not be able to alter the ingredients that we use.

As a leader and advocate of active lifestyle, Fiber Growth Supplements,LLC wants every consumer to be able to purchase items at a reasonable price. In order to give you quality and low priced items, we have teamed up with qualified raw material suppliers. We focus on giving you the best products without the glamour and glitz. Fiber Growth Supplements, LLC is ready to help everyone maintain a healthy lifestyle that they can afford.

Customer Satisfaction

We are proud of what we have accomplished when it comes to our customer satisfaction. We provide great tasting nutritional supplements that keep our customers coming back for more. Here at Fiber Growth Supplements, LLC we are always thinking about how to improve our products through feedbacks that we hear from our customers. We address issues readily and on time. We are quick to respond in any circumstances because our team is always on standby.